My name is Kyle and I am horrible at spelling words correctly, however, I’m not losing sleep over it. There are many reasons to lose sleep and I just don’t feel like miswritten words should be one of them. Well shit, I just spelled everything correctly. Shit! I just said Shit. I hope my grandma doesn’t read this. 

Okay, Here we go:


My name is Kyle and I will be 30 years old in one month. My favorite color is green, but not forest green. I am a case manager at an alternative education school and a part-time photographer. Well, It’s more of a hobby really, but I like it. 

Man, that sounds boring. What if I am BORING? Try again:


My name is Kyle and a professional stunt double in major motion picture films. You may have seen my badass stunts in the last Hunger Games installment. I taught Jennifer Lawerence everything sh

They’re going to know you are lying K-Dog. Just be yourself.


My name is Kyle and I have grown up in a culture that values docility over transparency. A culture in which many of us can identify. I think that we can be real. I think that we all have something to offer. I have created this blog as an expression of the human condition, with the intent to help us engage and understand each other more effectively. I invite you to be a part of the conversation.

Deng, I sound smart. Okay, but for real, I’m going to post a collective of stuff, original photography, writings and maybe some videos. IDK, just whatever. Join in!



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